My Windows Phone Word Games Top 3 List

Do you love to play games on your phone? Would you also like to improve your English skills? Then you should try these three word games, available for Windows phones. *The games might be available for android devices / iPhone as well, but this is a post especially for Windows phone users)
I've chosen one game for each English language learner level (beginner, intermediate, advanced), starting with the easiest one first. All three games can be downloaded in the Windows phone games store :-) These games work on Windows 8.1 as well as Windows 10 phones. So here we go, my current top three:


Word drop deluxe screenshotWord Drop Deluxe

To play Word Drop Deluxe you have to make chains of letters to create words. You can either click on the letters one by one and then press submit, or you could connect them by clicking the first letter and while still pressing down move across the letters you want to connect. As soon as you let go, the word will be automatically submitted. The more letters you connect, the higher you score! It's a great little game, and if you choose untimed mode, you have enough time to think about your next word. Suitable for beginners (there are a lot of three and four letter words in the English language), and more advanced students! (What's the longest word you can find?) 

Word twist screenshotWord Twist

I love Word Twist! To play Word Twist, you have to rearrange six random letters into words of different lengths. The words are between three and six letters long. Once you have found a word, select the letters you need in the correct order and press enter, once you're done. I would recommend playing in kids mode as there is no time limit. Suitable for pre-intermediate students and above.
If you get stuck, you can either wait until one minute has passed on the timer and then click on the skip word button to get to the next round. Or, alternatively, you could find the six letter word and then click the skip word button. In both cases, the remaining words will be filled in automatically and you can continue to the next round. What I really like about this game is the dictionary function - every word is explained!


Hangman Pro screenshotHangman Pro

My current favourite is Hangman Pro. Hangman Pro is a classic hangman game, with many different categories. To start with, I'd choose the phrases category. Suitable for upper-intermediate students and above. It's the easiest category, because you have to find more than one word. Which means you'll need more letters, therefore reducing the risk of choosing the wrong letters. My tip - start by entering the most commonly used letters in the English language! That's E, T, A, O, I, N, S, H, R. That should give you something to start with :-) After that, look at any two letter words. The most common two letter words are at, in, it, to. If you have a three letter word starting with t, chances are good that the two missing letters are h and e ;-) If you get stuck, just press the tap for hint button in the top left corner. To start with, you have three hints. After that you'll get a new hint added, every time you complete five rounds. Hangman Pro is very useful to learn about letter frequency, word formation, grammar and of course idioms!

Which game is your favourite? Do you know other games which are suitable for learners of English? Leave me a comment below :-)

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